A exclusive new multimedia screenwriting course

A new approach for a new Millenium!
Over two hours of video, with audio, pdfs, teleseminars, live blogging, a THOUSAND DOLLAR contest...PLUS MORE!

Why settle for mere theory? We've assembled a "Dream Team," two world-famous teachers and award-winning professional writers who will show you...

  • How to create a "Machine" to guide your daily work.  Make every single work day another step toward your dreams!
  • Who you are REALLY writing for (hint: it's not who you think!)
  • The FOOLPROOF path to making your first film!
  • The REAL meaning and use of the "Hero's Journey."
  • The power of PASSION.
  • Why "Selling out" is actually selling yourself short!
  • Ten Steps to a successful screenplay.
  • Art Holcomb's exclusive "String of Pearls" screenwriting technique.
  • The secret to writing "inside out" as opposed to "outside in."
  • What Hollywood REALLY wants--and why 99.9% of screenwriters will fail!
  • The single MOST IMPORTANT exercise for screenwriters.  (Do THIS and in one year you'll know more than most film school graduates!)
  • Smashing "Writer's Block" forever!
  • Our exclusive ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR short film contest!