Live/Evergreen Online Course

Lifewriting: Revolutionary Art 

Steven Barnes 

Tananarive Due

"Imagine applying the most powerful mental and emotional strategies in the world to every aspect of your writing!   We know you've tried other systems that promise to help you get published, and wonder "if you're so confident, why don't you let me try it for FREE, then if I get the value, I'll pay you?"  Well...we hear you.  And we're so confident that we'll let you try it for the first month for ONE DOLLAR.  Then after 30 days, if you don't agree that LIFEWRITING is worth far more than the mere $27 a month, just cancel and keep all the goodies you've gotten!"
--bestselling, award winning novelists and screenwriters TANANARIVE DUE and STEVEN BARNES



An amazing, immersive experience, with all the basics you'll need to start creating your own world-changing story,  book, or short film!

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In This Amazing Class You Will Learn:

  1. What makes art revolutionary?  Why was Plato more afraid of art than rhetoric?.
  2. The 5 most important steps to connecting your PERSONAL success to social change: Self Love, Connection, Understanding human history, creating allies/defeating monsters, and Succeeding with integrity.  Your manual   will be the world's bestselling success book, modified just for this class!
  3. Why our recent election suggest this is the PERFECT time in American history for revoltionary art!
  4. How the 10 Steps of the Hero's Journey connect to the 7 steps of 3-dimensional characterization to not only guide your writing but the process of building your career.
  5. How to connect your personal passions with your craft to create stories that express, sell, and transform your audience.
  6. The four rules that allow you to take a personal, passionate concern and create popular entertainment that connects to your target audience...and expands your reach to new minds and hearts.
  7. The relationship between Art, Craft, and Commerce--and why New York and Hollywood are no longer the gatekeepers.
  8. How to adapt these ideas to creating a better life, community, nation, and world.
  9. How to manage the emotions of fear, discouragement, and anger so that they POWER your work rather than defeat it.
  10. New interviews with INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS every month!  Story analysis!  Social media group!  And more!
  11. Only ONE DOLLAR for the first month, and only $27 a month thereafter!  Cancel any time!
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